Salad Scorer

A scoring app for the card game Salad.


From the main screen you have two options: – New Game – How to Play

How to Play gives the rules for Salad and New Game starts a new game.

After starting a new game, you will be prompted on how many people are playing. After selecting this, you will get a message telling you which cards, if any, need to be removed and how many decks to use. Then you will need to enter names for each player. Finally, you are ready to play.

At the top of the screen you will see the round number and the scoring method for the current round. In the middle, you will see a spot to input each player’s name. At the bottom is the continue button to hit once you enter all the scores and a help button to hit if you need a reminder of how to play.

After round 7, you will see each player’s score. The winner(s) will have a yellow background behind their name, and their name will be bolded. You will get the options to either return to the main menu or look at a more detailed view of the scores (this will show each player’s score for each round). Screenshot_20230110_134321 Screenshot_20230110_134413 Screenshot_20230110_134436 Screenshot_20230110_134650 Screenshot_20230112_104802


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