🛠️ Extension Enabler 🛠️

A command line tool that enables flutter web app as chromium based extension with simple commands

How to install?

Install it as dev_dependencies :

Run this command:

flutter pub add -d extension_enabler

or add it as dev dependency in your pubspec.yaml:

  extension_enabler:  ^1.0.0

Stepwise Guide :

1. So First, create ⚡ a project in flutter.

flutter create app_name

2. Install ⚙️ the package as dev dependencies.

flutter pub add -d extension_enabler

3. Run 🏃‍♂️ flutter pub run extension_enabler enable

and fill the details: image

4. Create a build 🛠️flutter pub run extension_enabler build

build will be generated in build/web above command can also use to rebuild the app. And to update config run flutter pub run extension_enabler update

5. To run in Browser 🌍:

To run the extension on chromium based browser, go to browser_name://extensions/ enable Developer Mode in the browser and load the extension

  • help : flutter pub run extension_enabler --help


  • If you are facing any issues 🤔 feel free to create issues : here
  • if want to improve 🛠️ the package, you are welcome 🙏 : here

Created by Narayan, connect with me narayann.me


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