Flutter AnimatedAlign Example

Flutter Animation There are two type of animation in flutter they are as follows

  1. Drawing based
  2. Code based

drawing based animation is nothing but gif , You can acheive drawing based animation through rive and lottie package

Now code based animation are of two types such as

  1. implicit animation
  2. explicit animation

Implicit animation can be done by using the predefine animated widget and this is the best and recommende way of doing the animation To use implicit animation use Animated where foo is what you want to animate

some of the implicit animation are 1.AnimatedContainer 2.AnimatedAlign 3.AnimatedOpacity 4.AnimatedDefualtTextStye 5.AnimatedPadding 6.AnimatedPhysicalModel 7.AnimatedPosition 8.AnimatedSize 9.AnimatedPositionedDierectional 10.AnimatedTheme etc

After a long list ,let say if you wont find the thing that you want to animated you can use customer animation by TweenAnimationBuilder.

Explicit Animation This is also work like the implicit but the difference is it is a Never ending or countounes process by using the .repeat

explicit animation required the animationController to perform animation and it also need ticker to update the animation

some of the example of transistion you can perform

  1. SizeTransiton
  2. fadeTransiton
  3. alignTransiton
  4. scaleTransiton
  5. rotateTransiton
  6. positionTransiton
  7. defaulttextstyleTransiton
  8. relativepositionTransiton
  9. decoratedboxTransiton
  10. etc


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