Scuba Sweep

Scuba Sweep is an immersive and captivating underwater adventure game developed using Flutter. Inspired by the pressing issue of plastic pollution in our oceans and its detrimental impact on marine life, this game aims to raise awareness and encourage actionable steps towards a cleaner environment.

In Scuba Sweep, players take on the role of a diver exploring the ocean depths. Their mission is to collect various types of plastic debris encountered along the way, while navigating past hazardous sea creatures that add an element of challenge and urgency to the gameplay experience.


Built for the DEVPOST Global Gamers Challenge - Flutter, Scuba Sweep utilizes the Flame game engine and Riverpod for state management. Players can personalize their experience by selecting their own nickname, which is used for score tracking.


The gameplay mechanics revolve around the diver component, which ascends automatically and responds to left or right movements through drag controls. As the game progresses, plastic and enemy components are introduced, each with distinct movements based on their creature type, increasing the difficulty for players.


To aid the players in their mission, they can collect booster components like the shell pearl, which provides a temporary shield, offering protection against enemy encounters. The game concludes when the player component collides with an enemy, signaling the end of the gameplay session.


Through its engaging gameplay and environmental message, Scuba Sweep aims to shed light on the critical issue of ocean plastic pollution while providing an entertaining and educational experience for players.