Flutter Game Templates

Looking to generate quick income by creating small games? Look no further than Flutter Game Templates, which streamline the development process, making it swift and straightforward to launch your new app.

In our curated collection, we present the top 20 Best Flutter Game Templates and Full Applications with Source Code and AdMob for 2024. With these templates at your disposal, unlock your creative potential and effortlessly construct your own game.

Additionally, these templates offer opportunities for earning through Facebook and Google ads, making them not only entertaining but also rewarding.

1.Elite Quiz

Elite Quiz offers a premium experience with advanced features, enhanced security, and a sleek new design. With improved coding practices, it's easier than ever to build your quiz platform.

Crafted with key principles of beautiful, effective, and intuitive UI design, Elite Quiz incorporates Lottie animations, Shimmer effects, and Material component themes.

This quiz boasts multiple-choice questions organized into categories, subcategories, and levels. Users can utilize lifelines such as 50/50, skip, audience poll, and reset time to aid them in answering questions and advancing through the quiz.


2.Tic Tac Toe

The classic Flutter TIC-TAC-TOE game with a timeless and beautifully designed UI.

With the coin store feature, users can enhance their gaming experience by purchasing coins in-app to unlock premium features.

Track your past performance and analyze your gameplay with detailed coin history, including coin purchases and earnings. To add excitement to the Tic-Tac-Toe experience, users can purchase different skins available in the in-app catalog.

Challenge your friends offline with the "Pass 'n' play" mode. Compete globally with a custom Firebase leaderboard, showcasing player ranks and profile pictures for a truly immersive gaming experience.


3.Maths Puzzle

Maths Puzzle is a comprehensive app designed for both Android and iOS platforms, offering a full-fledged math gaming experience. This app comes equipped with AdMob integration, making it ready for publishing.

Challenge your mathematical skills with a variety of puzzles and games included in the app. From basic arithmetic to complex equations, "Maths Puzzle" offers a wide range of challenges to keep players engaged.


4.Flutter Picture Match

Picture Match Game is a free and offline memory matching game that challenges players to beat the clock with their memory skills. In each round, players must match pairs of images that appear randomly on the screen. The goal is to remember the locations of the image pairs and successfully match them within the allotted time to advance to the next level.

If players fail to match the memory images within the time limit, they can try again to complete each level of this engaging picture memory game. Test your memory and enjoy hours of fun with Picture Match Game.



Step into the captivating world of Word Mania, a dynamic word-guessing game accessible on Android and iOS. Put your vocabulary and deduction abilities to the test as you endeavor to decipher the mystery word within a limited six attempts. Word Mania delivers an unparalleled gaming adventure, boasting dual-language support with dictionaries available in both Russian (RU) and English (EN). Engage in an immersive linguistic challenge like never before with Word Mania.


6.Tiger Run

Tiger Run has emerged as a thrilling favorite among mobile gaming enthusiasts. Players guide a tiger on a quest to gather coins amid challenging obstacles. What sets this game apart is its integration with AdMob, a mobile advertising platform. Through AdMob, players can watch brief ads to earn coins, enhancing their gaming experience. This innovative feature not only enriches gameplay but also offers players the chance to earn money while enjoying the game.


7.Monkey Touch Game

Monkey Touch Code offers a comprehensive framework for optimizing websites to achieve optimal visibility and reach across search engines.

This game features compatibility with scoreboards and can be played offline, providing convenience anytime, anywhere. As players progress, they can unlock new tools, upgrades, and power-ups to maintain a competitive edge and enhance their gaming experience.


8.Nail Salon - Art Girls Game

Indulge in the ultimate nail art experience with Nail Salon – Art Girls Game, the game you've been dreaming of for all fashion and nail model enthusiasts. Design your own stunning nails and master the art of nail decoration in this captivating manicure game.

Explore a variety of acrylic nail designs, salon rings, and sparkling gems to adorn your fingers and create dazzling looks. Polish and decorate your nails with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, showcasing your amazing nail art skills to the world.


9.Draw to win

Get ready to put your brainpower to the test and smash all the bad eggs in "Draw to Smash"! Dive into a captivating world of logic puzzles where every doodle, line, and drawing leads to triumphant success. With its stunning performance and unparalleled gameplay, "Draw to Smash" has garnered accolades from renowned gaming communities.

Why settle for simply breaking evil eggs when you can do so with style and intelligence? "Draw to Smash" is more than just a game—it's an IQ test that will ignite your creativity and challenge your problem-solving skills.


10.Flaxi Car Race

Flaxi Car Race is an exhilarating car racing game developed with the Flutter. Designed for both enjoyment and challenge, this Flutter-based game offers a thrilling gaming experience. With straightforward controls, vibrant graphics, and customizable settings, Flaxi Car Race appeals to a wide range of players, ensuring hours of entertainment for all.


11.Flappy Bird Game

Experience the excitement of Flappy Bird recreated with Flutter! This super flying bird game offers engaging content with a variety of birds and maps to explore. Fly through challenging obstacles and aim for the highest scores in this addictive Flutter-powered game.


12.Flutter Chess Game

A Flutter chess game that delivers an immersive experience across iOS, Android, and web platforms. This fully responsive game incorporates comprehensive logic for chess moves, ensuring seamless gameplay. With clean and error-free code, as well as detailed comments throughout, customization and learning are made easy.


13.Carrom Room Flutter Game App

Fire Bounce is an exhilarating HTML5 game designed to captivate players of all ages. With stunning graphics and a distinctive gameplay mechanic, players embark on an addictive journey launching a fiery ball through a maze of obstacles to rack up points. Get ready for endless fun and excitement with Fire Bounce.


14.Find Differences Game

Embark on a captivating journey with the immersive game Find the Differences, where keen observation and attention to detail are your keys to success. This visually stunning game challenges players to spot the disparities between two seemingly identical images. With a beautiful user interface and a specialized control panel, the game offers a seamless and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. Dive into the world of "Find the Differences" and test your powers of observation like never before!



Mighty Games, a revolutionary all-in-one app where you can enjoy a variety of online mini-games and HTML games. Unlike traditional game apps that offer only one game, Mighty Games provides a diverse selection for a powerful and seamless gaming experience. This application boasts special features such as storing all game data on the device with minimal memory usage, ensuring efficiency and convenience for users. Additionally, Mighty Games offers opportunities for earning through Facebook and Google ads, making it not only entertaining but also rewarding.


16.Match Triple 3D

Match Triple 3D, a captivating Flutter game available for Android and iOS. This complete offline game comes with AdMob integration, featuring interstitial ads and banner ads for added excitement.

In Match Triple, players aim to find three similar images or objects to score points. If the selection pane is full, the game resets. To progress, players must match all the given objects/images and clear the board to advance to the next level.


17.Animal Puzzle

Slide Puzzle, the classic tile puzzle game built using flutter. Challenge yourself to reassemble a picture by sliding the tiles into the correct positions. Simply touch the block you want to move and rearrange them to complete the image. Perfect for kids and puzzle enthusiasts alike, Slide Puzzle offers hours of entertainment and cognitive stimulation.


18.Learn Number 123 Kids Game

Learn Numbers 123 Count & Trace is an engaging and comprehensive app designed for preschool, toddler, and kindergarten kids. This fun-filled, all-in-one app offers an easy-to-play experience that helps children learn numbers effectively. With features including tracing, counting, and drawing, 123 Numbers provides the perfect educational tool for children to enhance their numerical skills in an enjoyable way. Ideal for young learners, this app is a must-have for parents and educators seeking to make learning numbers engaging and effective for children.



Get ready for a blend of nostalgia and innovation with "Pac Man Ghost Hunter." This game, powered by Flutter's magic, breathes new life into the classic arcade experience. Navigate through intricate mazes, collect luminous pellets, hunt elusive diamonds, and embark on an exhilarating chase to outsmart crafty ghosts. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Pac Man Ghost Hunter" for an unforgettable gaming adventure.



Puzzlify2048, the ultimate puzzle experience that promises to keep you hooked for hours on end! Dive into a captivating journey of merging, matching, and strategizing as you navigate through the intricate puzzles awaiting you. Download the app now and prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure that will challenge your mind and captivate your senses.