Zoom Clone

This application is a full-stack Zoom clone, providing users with a seamless video conferencing experience. With features like creating meetings, joining meetings, screen sharing, audio and video muting, and more, Zoom Clone offers a comprehensive solution for virtual meetings and collaboration.


  • Authentication: Users can sign up or log in using email and password or through Google Sign-In, utilizing Firebase Authentication.
  • Create Meeting: Users can create new meetings and share the meeting link with participants.
  • Join Meeting: Participants can join meetings using the meeting link shared by the host.
  • Share Screen: Users can share their screens during meetings for presentations or demonstrations.
  • Audio & Video Controls: Participants can mute/unmute their audio and turn on/off their video during meetings.
  • Persistent User State: User authentication state is persisted using Hooks_Riverpod for seamless user experience.
  • Data Storage: User data is stored securely using Firebase Cloud Firestore.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.