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This app is a note-taking app and shows developers how to use the ‘Shared Preferences’ technique. For this process, we first added the ‘Shared Preferences’ package to our application. Then, we used some functions to save the theme changes made by the user and the tasks added by the user when the application is closed. These, respectively, are the functions that first take a sample of the user’s theme and note information, save this sample and load it on the screen when the application is opened. We used the ‘Provider’ package for the ‘state management’ of the transactions. In this way, the number of written codes has been reduced and in-app communication has been further increased. In addition to these, a separate page has been navigated for the user to switch to a different theme and the theme can be changed with the help of the ‘SwitchListTile’ widget. In addition to these, the user was prevented from entering an empty task. The ‘Awesome Dialog’ package was used for this.We have used the ‘Dismissible’ widget, which the user wants to delete, to make the application interface better.We have provided the scrolling feature with the ‘ListView’ widget for the notes that the user can add more than once in the home screen where the tasks are located. A ‘Splash Screen’ greets the user as the application opens. This screen was made with the help of the ‘splashscreen’ package. On the other hand, a special font was used on both the splash screen and the main screen. Finally, some improvements have been made for code readability and ease of use. Visit Provider Package Visit Alert Dialog Package Visit Shared Preferences Package Visit Splash Screen Package

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