The Task Manager App is a mobile application built with Flutter, aimed at assisting users in efficiently managing their tasks. The app adopts the Bloc architecture for effective state management and prioritizes a smooth user experience by implementing robust error handling mechanisms.


Key Features:

  1. Add New Task: Users can easily add new tasks by providing details such as titles, descriptions, start dates, and end dates.

  2. Edit and Delete Tasks: The app allows users to edit and delete tasks, providing flexibility in managing their task list.

  3. Sort and Search: Tasks can be sorted based on dates or completion status, offering users the ability to organize their tasks effectively. Additionally, a search functionality enables users to find specific tasks using keywords.

  4. Error Handling: The Task Manager App incorporates error handling mechanisms to gracefully manage and display errors. This ensures a seamless user experience even in the presence of unexpected issues.

Overall, the Task Manager App is designed to be a user-friendly and efficient tool for organizing and managing tasks, leveraging the Flutter framework and Bloc architecture for state management and error handling.