A simple yet beautiful to-do app

light theme

dark theme


  1. Clone the repo, install the dependencies: flutter pub get

  2. Register the app with your Firebase project: flutterfire configure

  3. Generate the icons: dart run flutter_launcher_icons

  4. Open the app’s workspace in XCode (./ios/Runner.xcworkspace), in “Signing & Capabilities” select Personal Team

  5. Build: dart run build_runner build && flutter build ios

  6. Connect a device with iOS 17 or later, with Developer Mode enabled

  7. Install the built app container (./build/ios/iphoneos/Runner.app), via XCode: Windows > Devices and Simulators > Installed apps

  8. Mark the app “trusted” in the iPhone’s General > VPN & Device Management settings section

  9. Enjoy


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