A Dart package to get detailed information of windows machine.


Supported platform: Windows (it will be better if there is powershell)

Getter Type Desc
userName String user’s profile name
windowsSystemInformation AllInfo? complete information about details
windowsSystemStaticInformation DeviceStaticinfo? all static information of device
deviceName String device name
is64bit bool true if 64 bit os is installed
is32bit bool true if 32 bit os isntalled
isInitInProgress bool true if initializing is in progress
isInitilized Future bool true once initilisation completed
disks List(DiskLayoutInfo) info like hdds,ssd attached to device
graphics GraphicsInfo will return graphics related information of device
memories List(MemoryInfo) will get a list of memory(ram) attached to device
network List(NetworkInfo) will get detail of network adapter ie:focused on mac address
baseBoard BaseBoardInfo? return information of base board of device
chassis ChassisInfo? return infomation of chassis of device,like laptop, manufacturer etc…
system SystemInfo? will return basic system information, like manufacturer etc…
os OsInfo? will return operating system information, like version of windows, build etc…
bios BiosInfo? return bios information

Getting started

  1. include latest windows_system_info package

  2. import it

import 'package:windows_system_info/windows_system_info.dart';
  1. initialize
await WindowsSystemInfo.initWindowsInfo();
  1. get values using getter


  void initState() {

  Future<void> initInfo() async {
    await WindowsSystemInfo.initWindowsInfo();
    if (await WindowsSystemInfo.isInitilized) {

Additional information

Before contributing…

Always welcome PR, but make sure warning is mininmum and follow darts guide lines for coding and documention. Always try to add comment about expected output, logic etc…

Inspired from js systeminformation package


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