Proverbs Daily

A mobile app that delivers a verse from the book of Proverbs in the bible daily.

Run Locally

  • Ensure Flutter, android studio and xcode are installed
  • run flutter doctor and if you get a ‘no issues found’ message you’re set to go.
  • Clone the repo
  • run flutter pub get in the root of the folder to ensure all dependencies are installed
  • run flutter run or click the play button in your IDE of choice

Please note:

  • The app is not on any app store nor does it push notifications.
  • the app is currently served by a backend I wrote. The backend is hosted on Heroku.
  • Please use responsibly. I reserve the right to shut down the server at any point
  • The backend is open-sourced so you can clone the repo and host it yourself- Proverbs Daily Backend.
  • Feel free to create an issue to ask a question or contribute!

As a suggestion, cron currently schedules a new verse at midnight. Feel free to edit this to test your code. Read more here


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