An awesome Bible app equipped with 9 versions of the Holy Bible, as well as daily readings for Mass Service of that day. This app is also null safe.

Elisha is a simple Bible app that is focused on personal use. I made this app in hopes to get people who aren't connected to God or who are, to read/study the Bible in a very simple format and manner that is more or less intended towards younger crowds, however this app is very useable for older crowds as well. No matter if you read 10 chapters a day or read just one verse, that is all it takes to connect with God and I hope this app can help anyone who uses it do too ??.

Developer Info

To store things locally I use sharedpreferences, however I plan on switching to Hive as the speeds are faster. I use Firebase Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Analytics, Crashlytics, and Performance to monitor the app and save other kinds of information. The app is built with Flutter. The API is built with Golang. The App will be dockerized in the future to simplify the process of running the app.


These are the features the app currently has.

  • Sign In: Sign into your account with email and password.
  • Third Party OAuth: Currently supports Google Sign in.
  • 9 Versions of the Holy Bible: Read 9 different versions of the Bible from this list. (All in English):
    • American Standard Version (ASV)
    • Bible in Basic English (BBE)
    • Darby English Bible (DARBY)
    • King James Version (KJV)
    • World English Bible (WEB)
    • Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
    • English Standard Version (ESV)
    • New International Version (NIV)
    • New Living Translation (NLT)
  • Bookmark Chapters: Bookmark chapters and save to device.
  • Dynamic Chapter Switcher: Change chapter via bottom sheet.
  • Next/Previous Chapter Switcher: Use the arrows to navigate to the next/previous chapter.
  • Daily Readings: Join Mass anytime and read the Daily Readings, Psalms and the Gospel for that day.
  • Save last Bible Chapter & Translation: Save last Bible Chapter and translation and load it upon app start.

Upcoming Features

These are the upcoming features for Elisha.


  • Soon: Before Version 1 official release.
  • Version 2: Upon App Store & Google Play Store release.
  • Version 3: First Major Update after store release.

  • Current Streak: Count your streak of unmissed days in the app. (Soon)
  • Best Streak: Look back at your best streak. (Soon)
  • Perfect Weeks: Look at all the weeks that you never missed a day in the app. (Soon)
  • About Page: Learn more about the Elisha app. (Soon)
  • FAQ Page: Learn a couple more things about Elisha and my most asked questions. (Soon)
  • Profile Picture: Change your profile picture. (Soon)
  • Daily Prayer: Get a daily to say upon your life everyday. (Soon)
  • Verse of the Day: Get a daily Bible verse to look at. (Soon)
  • Apple Sign In: Apple Sign in will be incorporated. (Version 2)
  • Prayer Support: Create Prayers to read. (Version 3)
  • Facebook Sign In: Facebook Sign in will be incorporated. (Version 3)
  • Verse Highlighting: Highlight verses and say them locally. (Version 2 or 3)
  • Verse Sharing: Share Bible verses on social media platforms. (Version 3)

Getting Started

I'm intending on releasing this app to the App Store and Google Play Store in the future, however in the mean time if you would like to run this app and play around with it, and let me know of any issues, this is how:

Because the app is served locally via 2 Docker Containers, you need to start them up your self. Make sure you have Docker installed and setup on your device and Golang. Once that is done run this command to clone the project and go into the api directory.

git clone https://github.com/31Carlton7/elisha
cd api
make images
make up

This will host the API on localhost:8084. This will also host the Bible Database on a separate image (You can also start the containers directly from the Docker Desktop app after doing this process once). Then you can you can start the flutter app using this command

flutter run


Light Mode