Best News Flutter mobile app

Flutter mobile app for reading news.


This is a mobile app for reading news. It is written in Flutter. It is a sample app, which communicates with a REST API. Backend is written in NestJS, a NodeJS framework. Backend code is available here. The app is connected to


A demo of the app can be downloaded at (news-<version>.apk). It is available for Android only.

If you do not want to install the app, here are some screenshots and a video:


Getting Started


You need to have Flutter installed. You can find instructions here. The application was tested on Flutter 3.3.3. and 3.7.1.


  1. Clone the repository news-app

    git clone [email protected]:Belligerator/news-app.git
  2. Install dependencies

    flutter pub get
  3. Than you can run the app with Android Studio. Or you can run script in the root of the project. It will build the apk and move it to the root of the project. You can then install it on your phone via adb.



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