Flutter News App Templates

News apps provide users with convenient access to the latest information and updates, making them a popular choice among mobile users.

Utilizing news app templates can significantly streamline the development process, especially for novice developers. These templates often come with pre-built core functionalities, allowing developers to focus on customizing and adding specific features to suit their needs.

In this post, We've curated a list of the Best Flutter news app templates and full applications for 2024. These templates offer a solid foundation and can serve as a starting point for creating feature-rich and visually appealing news apps.


FluxNews is a Flutter mobile app designed to seamlessly transform your WordPress website into a dynamic mobile experience. Whether you're running a blog, news site, magazine, or cooking platform, FluxNews works its magic by converting your WordPress content into a fully native app for both iOS and Android devices.

With FluxNews, the possibilities are endless. Users can effortlessly add new posts and ads, ensuring that your app stays fresh and engaging.


2.News App and Web

Flutter News App and Web, With a seamless integration between the mobile app and web platform, this comprehensive package includes a feature-rich admin panel for effortless content management.

With its attractive and modern UI, News App and Web boasts both Light and Dark themes, ensuring a visually appealing experience for users regardless of their preferences.

The captivating home page layout is meticulously designed to highlight detailed news articles, popular stories, and breaking news, offering users a comprehensive overview of current events.


3.News Hour

News Hour is a complete news app with an admin panel. It offers a comprehensive range of features expected from a news application, enhanced by captivating animations for a user-friendly experience. The app's intuitive interface showcases breaking news, feature articles, and opinion pieces with ease.

With its sleek UI design and smooth performance, News Hour provides users with a seamless news browsing experience. Whether you're interested in the latest headlines or in-depth analysis, News Hour caters to diverse interests. Additionally, its cross-platform functionality ensures consistent performance across different devices.



NewsFreak is your all-in-one mobile app solution for WordPress websites, catering to blogs, news, magazines, and various content types. With NewsFreak, effortlessly convert your WordPress site into native Android and iOS apps in just a few clicks. Whether you're a blogger, journalist, or content creator, NewsFreak streamlines the process, ensuring your content reaches mobile audiences seamlessly.



Mightynews is a sophisticated Flutter news app offering a comprehensive source code for building your own news application. With its enticing design and essential features, it's the ideal choice for deploying your news project to both Android and iOS users. The app includes a range of functionalities such as real-time weather updates, a dedicated breaking news section, topic filtering options, push notifications, and RTL (Right-to-Left) language support. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the app according to your preferences in real-time, deciding what content to display.


6.News Blog

Newz stands out as the epitome of user-friendly and lightweight news apps, ensuring you swiftly access the news you desire. Packed with essential features like category-based news selection, search functionality, and comment support, Newz exceeds expectations. What sets it apart is its unparalleled design and animations, making this Flutter app a true delight.

Tailored for news portals, blogs, and online magazines, Newz is your go-to solution. Whether you're launching a news agency website, a personal blog, a local news portal, or an online newspaper, Newz is highly customizable to meet your online news publishing needs effortlessly.



Enhance your digital footprint with NewsPro's cutting-edge technology. Seamlessly transform your WordPress website into a polished native Android and iOS app for news, blogs, or magazines. In just a few simple steps, unlock the potential of a sleek and contemporary mobile application that seamlessly integrates with your current admin panel. Impress your audience with a fully customizable, premium-quality app tailored to your brand.



Incite is an Android/iOS news and blog app accompanied by a Laravel admin panel. With Incite, you can kickstart your blogging venture with concise news articles, each within 60 words.

This all-in-one solution comprises an admin panel, news/blog app, and web interface. Integrated with Facebook Ads and Google AdMob, Incite enables you to monetize your content effectively through advertisements.

Crafted with an enticing UI and seamless UX, the Flutter news app maximizes lead generation and conversions. From the admin panel, you have complete control over the system, including the ability to send push notifications to users.


9.News Full App

InitNews is a Flutter news app solution designed for both Android and iOS platforms. Packed with a plethora of features, InitNews promises a seamless user experience for all.

This prebuilt app is meticulously crafted to save you valuable time and resources. With InitNews, you can eliminate over 1000 development hours and save money, thanks to its comprehensive set of functionalities. Experience the convenience and efficiency of InitNews as it streamlines the process of creating a top-notch news app.


10.Lucodeia News

Lucodeia WordPress News is your fully realized WordPress news app solution. With Lucodeia, you'll find all the essential screens needed for a comprehensive news app, meticulously designed and seamlessly integrated.

This prebuilt WordPress news app offers a hassle-free solution, providing all the common screens required by any news application. From breaking news to feature stories, Lucodeia has you covered.


11.PW News WP

PW News is a premium WordPress Flutter app crafted by Programming Wormhole. With full functionality and a sleek, modern design, PW News is your go-to solution for a high-quality news app.

Designed with flexibility in mind, PW News allows for easy editing and customization of all elements using design components. PW News supports both iOS and Android platforms, offering over 50 editable and customizable screens.


12.Flutter News App

This Flutter News App offers real-time updates, modern design, intuitive navigation, and flawless cross-platform performance. Empower your audience with an immersive news experience, positioning your brand as a premier source of information in the digital landscape.

With its clean and user-friendly interface, This app ensures a seamless news reading experience, keeping you connected and up-to-date no matter where you are.


13.D-bug News

D-bug News is Flutter news website and app for Android and iOS, complete with a powerful admin panel.

Backed by a robust admin panel constructed with Bootstrap and Laravel, and fueled by a JSON API, this app offers a comprehensive solution for anyone in need of a feature-rich and SEO-optimized news or blog app.



ONNO, the versatile news and magazine app built with Flutter. This multipurpose application is perfect for blogging, businesses, portfolios, media outlets, communities, nonprofits, and much more.

With ONNO, you have a powerful platform at your fingertips to share news, stories, and information across various topics and industries. Whether you're a blogger looking to reach a wider audience or a business seeking to engage with your customers, ONNO offers the flexibility and functionality to meet your needs.


15.MightyShort News

Short News is a flutter news app with firebase backend that delivers the latest updates in seconds. With Short News, you can access the most recent news, videos, and blogs, all summarized in less than 70 words. Stay informed on-the-go with quick, concise updates tailored to your preferences. Plus, choose your preferred language for an enhanced reading experience.


16.The News

The News is a versatile Android news app template powered by Blogger as the admin panel. Developed using Java and flutter, this app is perfect for creating news apps, personal blogs, and more. It seamlessly integrates with Blogger to display posts, pages, and labels as categories.

"The News" provides unlimited access quota for the Blogger API, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. We've meticulously crafted this template with detailed parts, well-structured code, and a clean, aesthetically pleasing design.


17.Flutter app for WordPress news and blogs

Flutter application for WordPress news and blogs is a highly customizable solution for building iOS and Android apps. Choose from light, dark, or multicolor themes to match your style and provide the best user experience possible. Take control of your app's design and functionality with ease, and reach your audience on both iOS and Android platforms seamlessly.



eNews is a versatile Flutter App designed specifically for WordPress websites, catering to a wide range of users including news agencies, bloggers, and vloggers. Whether you're starting with a simple blog or aiming for a more sophisticated news agency-like app, eNews has you covered. Packed with exciting features, it is tailored to meet the preferences of today's smartphone users and readers.


19.Maan News

The MaanNews Flutter app is a robust and dominant set of Flutter applications, meticulously crafted to provide complete app templates, seamless API integration with Maan News - Laravel Magazine Blog & News PHP Script, and a plethora of ready-to-use widgets and code snippets. These components offer stunning screens that cater to various use cases, all built on the latest Material Design principles.

With MaanNews UI templates, you can expect top-notch quality, ease of widget reuse, rapid development, and a user-friendly interface. Integration into your Maan News - Laravel Magazine Blog & News PHP Script is effortless, allowing you to achieve a modern and polished mobile application effortlessly.


20.Neews Flutter News App

The Neews Flutter News App is a comprehensive solution for Android and iOS platforms, designed to deliver news content efficiently and effectively. It serves as both a news app and a blogging platform, providing users with a seamless experience for accessing and consuming news articles.