Dall-E 2 Mobile App

App for Dall-E 2, actually i meant to build Chat-GPT mobile app but when i started to this project there is no API for Chat-GPT so i turned the project to Dall-E 2


There are no any purpose to build this app for me, Its just trying something new, in this case its just practice for Provider.

App has dark mode and light mode that depends on system mode

As i mentioned at the start my main purpose was build Chat-GPT mobile app and i coded every page and build Hive structure. Unfortunately Chat-GPT API is not published for now so lib/features/chatgpt is just working without ChatGPT (its just simply chatting page).

I am going to add Chat-GPT feature when API is published

Before You Start

You have to pass your OpenAI API Key to here lib/global/app_constants.dart

I would love to any feedback for improve myself. Please feel free to show my mistakes and best practices



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