ProKit Flutter

ProKit Flutter is a comprehensive Flutter UI Kit that offers a wide range of pre-designed screens, full app UI kits, widgets, and integrations, making it a valuable resource for Android and iOS developers. The kit is designed to enhance the development workflow and speed up the creation of Flutter apps.

Dive into a world of possibilities with over 1600 screens and widgets, meticulously crafted based on Material Design Guidelines. ProKit Flutter provides developers with a rich palette of UI elements for crafting visually stunning applications.

Kickstart your projects effortlessly with 37 ready-to-use full app UI kits. Covering a spectrum of app categories, these templates offer a head start, enabling developers to focus on innovation rather than reinventing the wheel.


Save time and effort with 26+ modern libraries and integrations seamlessly incorporated into ProKit Flutter. These integrations act as building blocks, empowering developers to implement essential functionalities efficiently.


Experience the future of messaging with the ChatGPT app, an innovative fusion of artificial intelligence and messaging convenience. ProKit Flutter introduces a new level of user interaction, blending intelligence with seamless communication.



1. Extensive UI Elements:

  • The kit provides over 1600 screens and widgets based on Material Design Guidelines, allowing developers access to a variety of user interfaces and visual components.

2. Ready-To-Use Full App UI Kits:

  • Offers 37 pre-designed mobile app templates that cover a range of app categories, enabling developers to kickstart their projects effortlessly.

3. Integrations and Plugins:

  • Includes 26+ modern libraries and integrations to streamline development, saving time and effort in implementing essential functionalities.


4. ChatGPT App:

  • Introduces the ChatGPT app, an innovative application combining artificial intelligence with messaging convenience, bringing a new level of interaction to users.

5. Beautifully Crafted Widgets:

  • Provides 100+ popular widgets, making it easier for developers to choose and customize widgets without the need for extensive search or customization efforts.

6. Revolutionizing Flutter UI Design:

  • The kit revolutionizes Flutter UI design by seamlessly integrating modern libraries, offering a cohesive set of tools for building appealing user interfaces.

7. Efficient Workflow:

  • Cuts down development time by providing pre-built screens, full app templates, themes, and integrations, allowing developers to save time and create applications efficiently.

8. Positive User Feedback:

  • Highlighted by over 3000 happy customers, indicating the popularity and satisfaction of developers using ProKit for Flutter UI design.


ProKit Flutter is positioned as a comprehensive and versatile toolkit, acting as a Swiss knife for building feature-rich Flutter apps quickly and efficiently. It addresses various aspects of app development, making it a valuable resource for developers seeking a robust UI foundation.