Simple ChatGPT Flutter Version

The Simple ChatGPT Flutter Version is a basic Flutter application that allows users to chat with ChatGPT using their own API key. The app serves as a simple chat interface for interacting with the OpenAI ChatGPT language model. Developed as a learning project, the app provides features like displaying chat history, adding new conversations, renaming existing conversations, and deleting conversations.

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Key Features:

  1. Chat with ChatGPT:

    • Users can engage in conversations with ChatGPT using the OpenAI API.
  2. Chat History:

    • The app displays a chat history, allowing users to review past conversations.
  3. Conversation Management:

    • Users can add new conversations, rename existing conversations, and delete conversations.
  4. Learning and Skill Improvement:

    • The project was implemented as a learning exercise to improve coding skills, especially in Flutter.

Usage and Acknowledgments:

  • The app is designed for learning purposes and provides an example of integrating the OpenAI API with a Flutter application.
  • Acknowledgments to the OpenAI API for providing the language model used in the app.
  • The Flutter framework is praised for its capability to simplify the development of beautiful and fast mobile apps.

License: The project is licensed under the MIT License, providing flexibility for developers to use, modify, and build upon the code.

Note to Developers: The Simple ChatGPT Flutter Version is a valuable resource for Flutter beginners to explore how to integrate external APIs, manage state, and create a simple chat interface. The project encourages developers to think critically before coding and offers insights into structuring data classes. Developers are invited to experiment with the code, understand its mechanics, and use it as a starting point for their ideas and projects.