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I started studying flutter a few months ago. I heard that a simple app is good for the first app. I thought an app that combines calendar and to-do list would be good, and I made it. It’s a really simple app, but I was able to create it with a lot of help from SfCalendar.

It’s available on the Google Play Store.


  • Google Login Using Firebase ( google-services.json used at this time is not in this repository. If you want to refer to this code, you should have your own google-services.json )
  • Upload appointments to Google Drive, download appointments from Google Drive
  • English and Korean translations


  • Change the color of some parts of the UI
  • Change and delete parts of recurring appointments
  • Play interstitial ads when the UI changes color ( If you want to refer to this code, change App ID in AndroidManifest.xml and Ads ID in interstitial_ad_widget.dart to your own )
  • Connect to donation site ( If you want to refer to this code, change url in move_url.dart to your own )





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