Beautiful Task Scheduler App

Welcome to the Beautiful Task Scheduler App repository! This Flutter-based task management application combines elegant design with a robust backend, ensuring a seamless and organized task management experience. From stunning UI to real-time synchronization, this app has you covered.



  • Stunning UI: Immerse yourself in a visually captivating user interface designed to enhance your task management experience.

  • Optimized Backend: The app’s backend is finely tuned for optimal performance, ensuring smooth navigation and operation.

  • Offline Access: With Sqflite integration, the app remains fully functional even when offline, so you can manage tasks without interruptions.

  • Real-time Sync: The Firebase Realtime Database powers real-time synchronization of tasks across multiple devices, making sure your tasks are up-to-date everywhere.

  • Multi-Device Experience: Create, update, or delete tasks on one device and see the changes instantly reflected on all devices linked to your account.

  • Secure Authentication: Firebase Authentication ensures the security of your tasks and data, allowing you to manage your to-dos with peace of mind.

  • Authentication and Session Management: Utilizing Firebase Authentication and the firebase_auth package, the app provides a robust user authentication system. The session management is handled seamlessly, allowing users to securely access their tasks.


  1. Clone this repository using `git clone

  2. Navigate to the project directory: cd task-scheduler-app

  3. Install dependencies: flutter pub get

  4. Add google-services.json: For Firebase setup, each developer needs to add their own google-services.json file obtained from their Firebase project. Place this file in the android/app directory.

  5. Set Up Firebase Authentication:

    • Go to the Firebase Console and create a project.
    • Enable the Email/Password sign-in method.
    • Add your Android app to the project and download the google-services.json file.
    • Add your iOS app if needed and download the GoogleService-Info.plist file.
  6. Set Up Firebase Realtime Database:

    • In the Firebase Console, create a Realtime Database.
    • Set up security rules as per your requirements.
    • Update the Firebase configuration in your Flutter app code.
  7. Run the app: flutter run


This app utilizes the following dependencies:

  • google_fonts: ^5.1.0: Provides easy access to a wide range of Google Fonts for consistent and appealing typography in the app.

  • get: ^4.6.5: Offers a clean and reactive state management solution for your Flutter app, simplifying UI updates and interactions.

  • email_validator: ^2.1.17: Allows you to validate email addresses, ensuring accurate input during user registration and login.

  • font_awesome_flutter: ^10.5.0: Grants access to a comprehensive library of FontAwesome icons to enhance the visual elements of your app.

  • firebase_core: ^2.15.1: Essential for initializing and connecting your Flutter app with Firebase services.

  • firebase_auth: ^4.7.3: Enables robust user authentication using various methods, enhancing app security.

  • firebase_database: ^10.2.5: Provides integration with the Firebase Realtime Database for real-time synchronization of tasks.

  • shared_preferences: ^2.2.0: Allows you to store simple key-value pairs on the device, facilitating data persistence.

  • google_sign_in: ^6.1.4: Streamlines the integration of Google Sign-In functionality for user authentication.

  • sign_in_with_apple: ^5.0.0: Simplifies the process of adding Apple Sign-In as an authentication option in your app.

  • flutter_svg: ^2.0.7: Renders SVG images, offering a scalable and resolution-independent solution for graphics.

  • intl: ^0.18.1: Provides internationalization and localization support, making your app accessible to users from different regions.

  • sqflite: ^2.3.0: Offers local database capabilities, enabling offline access and data storage even when the app is not connected to the internet.

  • connectivity: ^3.0.6: Monitors network connectivity, allowing you to adapt your app’s behavior based on the user’s internet status.


Contributions are welcome! If you find a bug or want to add new features, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request. Please follow our contribution guidelines.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.



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