“Islami” is a phone app made for Muslims. It helps you with your faith and makes practicing Islamic habits easier.

This app was developed using the Flutter Framework and employs the “Provider” package for effective management of the application’s state.

Furthermore, “Islami” is available in both English and Arabic languages and also offers a Dark mode option for a comfortable user experience.


Languages and Technologies

Dart Flutter

Git GitHub

Android Studio Figma



Islami application supports English and Arabic languages and Light and Dark modes.

It contains 5 main pages:

      1. Quran.

      2. Hadeth.

      3. Tasbeh.

      4. Radio.

      5. Settings.


Quran page:

      Here you can open and read all Quran Suras by clicking on the desired one.




Hadeth page:

      Here you find up to 50 Hadeth.




Tasbeh page:

      It has sebha which rotates clockwise with every tap.




Radio page:

      You can listen to Quran Radio Station from here.




Settings page:

      You can change application language and theme from here.




Light & Dark modes:

      You cah use application in both light and dark modes.




Multi language:

      Application supports English and Arabic languages but only in tabs. Sura verses and hadeth content are in Arabic language.




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