The first library to draw fantastic bar charts race in Flutter



Let's get started

add the dependencies to your app:

  bar_chart_race: ^0.0.4

then import it:
import 'package:bar_chart_race/bar_chart_race.dart';

then you can simply use:

            data: data,
            initialPlayState: true,

this will create a bar chart with random colors and animate it.
the data and initialPlayState are required and here the exmplanation for most of the properties

  • data: the data you are going to show and it should contains at lease two rows and two columns
  • initialPlayState: if it's true then the bar chart will be animated
  • framesPerSecond: defines the number of frames to show per seconds
  • columnsLabel: represents the name of the columns
  • statesLabel: represents the name of the rows (usually time)
  • numberOfRactanglesToShow: represents the number of the first columns to show
  • title: The title of the bar chart race
  • columnsColor: the color of each rectangle