Easy Pie Chart Package

The Easy Pie Chart package provides a versatile pie chart widget for Flutter applications. It offers various customization options to create interactive and visually appealing pie charts.


  • Three Pie Chart Variants:

    • Crust: Only border, no fill.
    • TriCrust: Borders around each pie slice.
    • Fill: Filled pie slices.
  • Interactive Pie Slices:

    • Each pie slice is interactive and responds to user taps.
  • Customization Options:

    • Adjustable gap between pie slices.
    • Control over the border edge style (rounded, squared, etc.).
    • Start angle of the pie chart can be customized.
    • Text or widget display options inside the pie chart.
    • Animations: Clockwise and anti-clockwise animations with adjustable duration.

Getting started

To use this package, add the following line to your pubspec.yaml file:

  easy_pie_chart: ^version

Then, import the package in your Dart file:

import 'package:easy_pie_chart/easy_pie_chart.dart';


Here’s a simple example of creating a Easy pie chart:

  children: [
    PieData(value: 30, color: Colors.red),
    PieData(value: 50, color: Colors.blue),

Demo GIF

For more examples, check out the /example folder in this repository.


Name Description Default Value Data Type Required
children List of PieData objects representing each pie slice. List Yes
showValue Determines whether the value is shown on each pie slice. true bool No
start Starting angle of the pie chart in degrees. -90 double No
gap Gap between pie chart slices. 0.0 double No
borderWidth Width of the border for crust and triCrust pie types. 30.0 double No
borderEdge Edge shape of the border for crust pie type. StrokeCap.round StrokeCap No
shouldAnimate Determines if the pie chart animates clockwise during build. true bool No
animateDuration Duration of the animation. 1500ms Duration? No
animateFromEnd If true, animation starts anti-clockwise. false bool No
centerText Text to be displayed at the center of the pie chart. null String? No
style TextStyle for centerText. null TextStyle? No
centerStyle TextStyle for the value displayed on each pie slice. null TextStyle? No
pieType Enum defining the pie chart type (crust, triCrust, fill). PieType.crust PieType No
onTap Function triggered when a pie slice is tapped. null void Function(int)? No
size Size of the pie chart. 200.0 double No

Contribution and Issues

Contributions and bug reports are welcome! Feel free to create pull requests and issues on the GitHub repository.


This package is available under the MIT License.


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