Flutter Cardidy

A plugin to validate or identify card numbers & cvv with ease.

This flutter package will help you validate card numbers or CVVs and identiy card issuing provider with minimal code and efforts.

  • simple and easy
  • regex-free
  • up-to-date with Wikipedia
  • no other dependencies
  • well documented
  • production-ready

This package is a Flutter port of original package Cardidy written in C#.

NOTE: The closer we are to an official spec is the Wikipedia’s Payment card number page.


        flutter_cardidy: ^1.0.0

Getting Started

Add the dependency to your project and start using Flutter Cardidy everywhere:

Import the package.

import 'package:flutter_cardidy/flutter_cardidy.dart';

To validate and identify card’s issuing provider

// single card number identification
final result = FlutterCardidy.identify("4127540509730813");
Console.WriteLine(result.first); // print Visa

Multi card identification

// returns a KVP Map of, cardnum as key & result as value
final mapResult = FlutterCardidy.identifyMultiple(["4127540509730813","4771320594031"]);

Validating CVV

var cvv = "123";
var visaCvvIsValid = FlutterCardidy.isCvvValid(cvv, CardType.Visa);

Validating card number without identification

var isCardValid = FlutterCardidy.isCardNumberValid("47!Z320594033");


Return type of Identify is List<CardType>. A card is sometimes a co-branded card like Visa or Visa Electron, in this case all matching providers are returned.

Property Type Default Note
cardNumString (required) String Your card number input string
validateLength bool true Validate the length as part of the String identification.
A false value can be useful to identify the fragment of a card number.
ignoreNoise bool false Ignore common noise found in card number. This noise is any of - ..
handleAnonymization bool false Set any non-digits to zero. It is common to use “X” and “#” to hide some digits.


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