a simple pure dart text validation to validate your needs


  • ⚡️ Pure Dart: Build Flexible without any flutter code
  • ?️ Documented: each rule have a code documentation


Example 1

/// true or false
var isEmailValid = isEmail("[email protected]");
var yourTextField =  TextFormField(
validator:  isEmailValid ? null : "please enter a valid Email",

Example 2

/// true or false
var isMyFullNameValid = isFullName("Muhammed Khaled");
String? gimmeMyNameOrNull(){
    return "Muhammed Khaled";
    return null;

Current Rules

var isEmailValid = isEmail("[email protected]");
var isFullNameValid = isFullName("Muhammed Khaled");
var isNameValid = isName("Muhammed");
var isDateOfBirthValid = isDateOfBirth("1999/01/11");
var isEgyptianPhoneValid = isDateOfBirth("01112345678");

Additional information

You can suggest any extra rules or you can contribute with me

just open an issue with your new rules, and Start Code Don't fongot to write tests


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