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Are you one of them who doesn’t like to save everyone’s WhatsApp contact, especially those which are only needed once?…so that they can’t see your profile picture or status, otherwise you need to delete that contact every time.

So to avoid this, you can get the help of this app that will make your work simpler by terminating the need to save and then delete that contact, however, you can still message them. See? Doesn’t that sound astonishing? No need to crowd your contacts and allow them to see your personal information, which you don’t want them to know but situations make you do so for your work.

For example, you always need to save the WhatsApp number of the printout guy, because that’s how they prefer to take the pictures nowadays, for giving out the printout. But mostly it is the case, that we don’t want them to see our information on WhatsApp, and thus we need to delete that contact later. But, till how many times we’ll be doing it?
Why not make it easier?

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