VerificaC19 package for Flutter


This package allows to decode and validate any EU Digital Green Certificate in your Flutter application. It is based on the specications contained in the official it-dgc-verificac19-sdk-android repository.

This library requires an internet connection to downlod and cache rules, CRL and DSCs at least once per day. Once updated the entire process of validation can be done completely offline and in real-time.

Note: this library currently only supports the download of rules, CRL and DSCs from the Italian Backend (

Development & testing

  • Clone the repository
git clone
  • Get packages

cd verificac19_flutter

flutter pub get


flutter pub add verificac19



First thing to do is to initialize the package. This allows to all internal initializations to be done.

await VerificaC19.initialize();

Download and cache rules, CRL data and DSCs

You can download and cache rules, CRL data and DSCs using the update function. This will update data only if the 24 hours update window is expired.

await VerificaC19.update();

You can optionally pass the force parameter to force the update before the 24 hours expiry window, but only after 1 hour from the last update.

await VerificaC19.update(force: true);

You can also check if the data is expired (older than the 24 hours update window) without requiring an update with the needUpdate function.

bool requiresUpdate = await VerificaC19.needsUpdate();

Verify a DGC

You can decode and get a Certificate object from raw data using the getCertificateFromRaw function

Certificate cert = await VerificaC19.getCertificateFromRaw('HC1:NCFOXN%TSMAHN-H3ZSUZK+.V0ET9%6-AH...');

You can verify a DGC from a Certificate object or directly base45 encoded raw data.

// Validate Certificate object
ValidationResult result = await VerificaC19.validateCertificate(cert);
// or base45 encoded raw data
ValidationResult result = await VerificaC19.validateFromRaw('HC1:NCFOXN%TSMAHN-H3ZSUZK+.V0ET9%6-AH...');

ValidationResult object contains a CertificateStatus which can have the following values:

Code Description
valid Certificate is valid
notValid Certificate is not valid
notValidYet Certificate is not valid yet
notEuDCC Certificate is not an EU DCC

You can also provide a ValidationMode parameter.

Code Description
normalDGP Normal verification (default value)
superDGP Super Green Pass verification


ValidationResult result = await VerificaC19.validateCertificate(cert, mode: ValidationMode.normalDGP);
// or
ValidationResult result = await VerificaC19.validateCertificate(cert, mode: ValidationMode.superDGP);


An example application is currently WIP.


  • Add the ability to retrieve/validate a Certificate from an image file
  • Add the ability to implement rules providers from other countries


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