Dart / Flutter package that allows discovering network devices in local network (LAN).

Note: This library is intended to be used on Class C networks.

This project is a rework of already existing ping_discover_network, however it is no longer maintained.

Getting Started

Add the package to your pubspec.yaml:

lan_scanner: ^2.0.0

Import the library:

import 'package:lan_scanner/lan_scanner.dart';

Create an instance of the class and call
quickScan() or preciseScan() on it:

final port = 80;
final subnet = "192.168.0";
final timeout = Duration(seconds: 5);

final scanner = LanScanner();

final stream = scanner.preciseScan(
    timeout: timeout,
    progressCallback: (ProgressModel progress) {
        print('${progress.percent * 100}% 192.168.0.${progress.currIP}');

stream.listen((DeviceModel device) {
    if (device.exists) {
        print("Found device on ${device.ip}:${device.port}");

If you don't know what is your subnet, you can use network_info_plus and then ipToSubnet() function.

var wifiIP = await (NetworkInfo().getWifiIP())

var subnet = ipToSubnet(wifiIP);

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

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