This project tries to unify several projects for simpler handling of custom BT-devices with Apple’s FindMy network. The goal is to run a headless MacOS without the need to have a real Mac and have to install mail plugins or openhaystack itself.

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This is project is just a playground for checking technical feasibility and should not be used otherwise.

Included projects are (Credits goes to them for the hard work):

Changes to the original projects


Stripped down to the mobile application (Android) and ESP32 firmware. ESP32 firmware combined with FindYou project and optimizations in power usage.

Biemster’s FindMy

Customization in keypair generator to output an array for the ESP32 firmware and a json for import in the Android application.



In general, any OpenHaystack-compatible device or its firmware is also compatible with HeadlessHaystack (i.e. the ST17H66). Typically, only the Base64-encoded advertisement key is required, which can be found in the .keys file after key generation.



Dashboard Dashboard Dashboard Dashboard


Dashboard Dashboard Dashboard


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