LoForm is still experimental, missing features and bugs are to be expected.

LoForm is a low-code and lightweight Flutter form library, inspired by Formik — the world's most popular form library for React, used in production at Airbnb, Stripe, NASA and more.


  1. No boilerplate: 90% less code compared to bloc + formz.
  2. Informational: provides a lot of useful states (touched, status, error) for each field in the form.
  3. Server-errors friendly: unlike flutter_form_builder which requires external errors to be managed by a separate state.
  4. Reusable and easy validation: uses the builder pattern for building validations.

Simple Usage

This is a simple example, for a more complex one see the RegisterForm widget.

class SimpleForm extends StatelessWidget {

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    // [1] Wrap your form with [LoForm] widget.
    return LoForm(
      // [2] Choose when the submit button is enabled using form status.
      submittableWhen: (status) => status.isValid || status.isSubmitted,
      // [3] Implement what happens when the form is submitted.
      onSubmit: (values) async {
        print('Hi, ${values.get('name')}!');
        return true; // Successful submission
      builder: (form) {
        return Column(
          children: [
            // [4] Use [LoTextField] instead of the normal [TextField].
              // [5] This name will be used to get the field's value.
              name: 'name',
              // [6] Provide a validation scheme using [LoValidation].
              validate: LoValidation().required().build(),
            const SizedBox(height: 32),
              // [7] Call the [submit] method.
              onPressed: form.submit,
              child: const Text('Submit'),