shadcn-ui for Flutter

shadcn-ui for Flutter is a project aimed at bringing the power and flexibility of the shadcn-ui component library, originally made for React developers, to Flutter developers. It offers beautifully designed and customizable components that can be easily integrated into Flutter applications.

The project consists of several packages:

  1. cli: A Dart-based CLI tool that streamlines project initialization, component addition, and dependency management for flutter_cn_ui.

  2. flutter_cn_ui_package: The core package written in Dart (Flutter), providing developers with a comprehensive set of default components and dependencies for integrating stunning UI elements into Flutter applications.

  3. registry: A Flutter application serving as a visual playground for testing flutter_cn_ui components individually. It ensures thorough testing and readiness for integration into real-world projects.

  4. ui: A Next.js application complementing flutter_cn_ui, providing an API for accessing component information in JSON format. It enhances the development experience by offering a user-friendly interface for Flutter developers using flutter_cn_ui.