ByteBuilders Chat App

ByteBuilders Chat App is a Flutter application featuring robust functionality and a modern design for optimal user experience.


  1. Login & Register System with API: Users can securely register and log in to the app, utilizing an authentication system backed by API integration.
  2. User Information Storage: The app efficiently stores user information on the device using SecureStorage & SharedPreferences, ensuring data security and accessibility.
  3. Random People Integration: Users can interact with random individuals fetched from the reqres API, fostering networking and communication opportunities.
  4. Messaging System: The app facilitates seamless messaging between users, offering unlimited message lengths for unrestricted communication.
  5. Material & Cupertino Dialogs/Modals: It employs both Material and Cupertino design components for consistent and appealing user interfaces across platforms.
  6. Loading Indicators: To enhance user experience, the app incorporates loading indicators, ensuring users are aware of ongoing processes.
  7. SMS, Phone Call, and Web Redirect Buttons: Users can conveniently initiate SMS, phone calls, or web redirection directly from the app, enhancing connectivity and functionality.

Overall, ByteBuilders Chat App combines essential Flutter features and packages to deliver a polished and intuitive platform for communication and networking. Its emphasis on modern design and usability sets it apart in the competitive landscape of chat applications.

Project Screens

welcome screen register screen

login screen chat screen

message screen profile screen

dialog box


This project is available for use under the MIT License.