This is an enormous spotify application ui that has been written with dart. Supports 4 albums, 4 playlists, An snippet of track screen with a dynamic video and animation to the lyrics section, with all the sign up section pages and choosing artists and podcasts and Even an scanner to scan spotify barcodes. The local data has been implemented in a way that works with bloc state management to keep the project clean and maintainable.


  • Main Activity : The ui is just like Spotify application. Lists playlists, musics, albums and more.
  • Song Detail : One song has a detail with a video, singer, album name and lyrics.
  • Album Detail : 4 albums has been implemented in the application with bloc state management wich each of the songs and even the album could be routed to share screen with their own unique album name and singer.
  • Playlist Detail : 4 playlists has been implemented with a massive datasource working in the background with bloc and each contains 15 songs with singer and song name.
  • Scanner : As an additional feature an scanner has been handled and added to the ui to make the project even more near to reality.
  • Other Features : user can route to setting, library and profile screen.