YouTube Shorts Clone App

This Flutter application is a YouTube Shorts clone, developed as an assignment by The app aims to replicate the functionality and user experience of YouTube Shorts, a popular platform for creating and watching short-form vertical videos.


◉ Explore videos as per given in the API.

◉ Like, and share videos with friends and the community (commenting and saving to a particular category are the features under progress).

◉ Subscribe to other users on the platform.

◉ Seamless video playback.

◉ Create your own short videos directly from the app.

◉ Search for videos and users based on keywords or usernames.


◉ Clone the repository: git clone

◉ Change to the project directory to whereever you want to keep the files cd youtube_shorts_clone (say for example)

◉ Install dependencies: flutter pub get

◉ Run the app: flutter run

◉ Make sure you have a running emulator or a connected device to deploy the app.


  • Features of the app are as shown below:


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