Flutter UI Practice

Two Sample Screens for a real estate app UI

These UI Screens are from RetroPortal Studio

The Images are from unsplash

How To Test


  1. Flutter/Dart knowledge
  2. Physical or virtual mobile device
  3. Flutter development environment
  4. Text Editor or IDE


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Open the project folder on a text editor or IDE
  3. Install dependencies run flutter pub get on the terminal console
  4. Connect device to the text editor or IDE
  5. Debug the project.

Updates to the code

  1. The naming of constant variables adjusted to match dart convention.
  • lib/utils/constants.dart.
  • The body Texts have a height property to regulate the line-height of the paragraphs
  1. The accentColor was deprecated use secondary color from colorSwatch instead. lib/main.dart

return MaterialApp(
    theme: ThemeData(
        colorScheme: ColorScheme.fromSwatch().copyWith(
            secondary: colorGrey,
  1. Add the nullable operator to the padding variable declaration of the border box widget to allow building the widget with a null padding value.
  • lib/custom/border_box.dart
  • final EdgeInsets? padding
  1. Replace all Container widgets with a width and height property to SizedBox widget.

  2. Refactor code so that reusable widgets are contained within their respective files.

  3. Remove the unecessary container in the RealEstateItem Widget and add padding from the bottom to the Column replacing the aforementioned container.

  • lib/custom/real_estate_ite,.dart
  1. Remove unecessary Strin Interpolation on the currency value text widget.
  • lib/custom/real_estate_ite,.dart
  1. FlatButton was deprecated so the FlatButton widget is replaced with the TextButton with matchin styling as the deprecated FlatButton.
  • A convinient way of restricting the size of a TextButton widget is to use a SizedBox of fixed width and height then have the TextButton as a child of the SizedBox widget. like so:

return SizedBox(
      width: width,
      child: TextButton(
        onPressed: () {},
        style: TextButton.styleFrom(
          backgroundColor: colorDarkBlue,
          foregroundColor: colorWhite,
          shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(
            borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(50.0),
          padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(
            horizontal: 20.0,
            vertical: 15.0,
        child: Row(
          children: <Widget>[
              color: colorWhite,
              style: const TextStyle(color: colorWhite),


Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 13 - 2022-11-17 at 16 10 00 Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 13 - 2022-11-17 at 16 32 38


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