Mpost Flutter Library

This SDK aims to help the development of integrations with Mpost that use Dart, providing an easy interface to communicate with Mpost’s REST API. It’s multi-platform, and supports mobile, desktop, and the browser.


You can keep open a persistent connection by using a [Mpost] Object initialised with your [api-key]

import 'package:mpost_sdk/mpost/Mpost.dart';
import 'package:mpost_sdk/models/distance.dart';
Mpost mpost = Mpost().initializeWithApiKey("=======ENTER KEY HERE======");

Distance distance = await  mpost.calculateDistance(distanceRequest);

DeliveryRequest deliveryRequest = await mpost.createDeliveryRequest(newDeliveryRequest);

Available methods

  • getDeliveryRequests(queryObject)
  • getDeliveryRequestById(queryObject)
  • createDeliveryRequest(queryObject)
  • calculateDistance(queryObject)

Creating Delivery Request Case Study

Creating Delivery Request


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