A finals exam to test students skills on applying the BloC architecture in this task management app.

Getting Started

  1. Clone / Download / Fork the initial project files.
  2. Make sure that you can run the base project before starting any development tasks.
  3. Push this working base project into your GitHub repository and make sure I have enough access to the project so I can grade them accordingly.

Features required

All the legwork required to get the UI running is already done. All you need to do is integrate bloc given the use cases below.

  • Can add tasks via floating action button or the Pending Tasks AppBar’s action item
  • Can set the task to done when the checkbox is toggled on
  • Completed tasks should go into the ‘Completed Tasks’ tab
  • When checkbox is toggled off, the task should move back to ‘Pending Tasks’ tab
  • Can edit task information (i.e., task’s title and description)
  • Can move tasks to recycle bin
  • Can permanently delete tasks from recycle bin
  • Can delete all tasks from recycle bin via ‘Delete all tasks’ appbar action
  • Can mark the task as favorite and favorite tasks should automatically go to the ‘Favorite Tasks’ tab
  • When task is removed from bookmarks, the task should automatically be removed from ‘Favorite Tasks’ tab
  • Can switch between dark and light themes

Working Demo

Please see the following link for a working demonstration


View Github