Smart Home Security System Using Flutter & Python

This is a Flutter Application based on Python Server and Firebase Server. This App uses RTSP Link of Cameras to Stream the Camera footage and Python Sever is used to Process Video to Perform Facial recogntion and Pedestrian Detection annd generate Alert in case of Intrusion over line or Area over specific area drawn by user on Flutter App.


OnBoadring Screen is used to guide the new Users. User Created Account and Confirms via Email and Finally Logs in to the account. Hpmepage presents the Footage of the Camera which uses rtsp link to fetch it and the buttons on the Homepage are used to change the model modes. notification panel is used to display all the notifiations while draw screen is used to draw the specfic area where the user wants to monitor. once the alert is generated from python server the user will be informed via notificatoin which includes date time and picture.

Getting Started


  • Openvino Toolkit.

Openvino Models:

  • Face-detection-0200
  • face-detections-adas-001
  • face-detection-retail-0004
  • face-reidentification-retail-0095
  • landmarks-regression-retail-0009

Android Screenshots

onBoarding onBoarding onBoarding
Onboarding on3 on2
Notification Notification Notification
not not1 not2
Login Onboarding Forgot
Login Onboarding Forgot
Home Settings Drawer
Home Setting Drawer


Suggested to use it along the Python Server.


Contributors names and contact info

ex. Yasan Malik ex. @YasanMalik ex. ex.

Version History

  • Initial Release


This Project Also Includes OpenVino Facial Recogniton API.


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