Simple plugin to implement Picture in Picture support for Android only.

Android Setup

You need to declare that your app supports Picture in Picture mode by adding
to your AndroidManifest.xml the following line:


Enter Picture in Picture mode:

int result = await FlutterPip.enterPictureInPictureMode();

If the result returns 0, the app has entered PiP mode successfully, if it return 1 then
most probably this indicates that the device does not support PiP mode.

This function supports an optional parameter of type PipRatio, for example:

int result = await FlutterPip.enterPictureInPictureMode(
        width: ...
        height: ...

Default values for pipRatio are width: 16 and height: 9. You also need to take in
consideration that PiP mode only supports a value range from 0.418410 to 2.390000 for Aspect Ratio,
going anything bellow the minimum or above the maximum will throw a PipRatioException exception.

To check whether the app is on Picture in Picture mode:

bool result = await FlutterPip.isInPictureInPictureMode();

Simply returns a boolean indicating if the app is on PiP mode or not.


This widget has two callbacks:

    onResume: (bool pipMode) {
    onSuspended: () {
    child: ...

onResume is an Async callback that returns a boolean indicating if Picture in Picture
mode is enable/disabled, this is useful in case your app were in PiP mode and you want
to restore your Widget Tree UI.

onSuspended is just a simple callback that you can use to execute anything you want to
do when the application is thrown in the background.


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