News App

A simple news app with a minimalistic and modern UI that incorporates the api all built entirely with Flutter.


  • Top stories feed: Get top stories from around the globe.
  • Search by category: Look at different articles by category such as Business, Health, etc.
  • Search by source: Look at news from specified source such as CNN, BBC News etc.
  • COVID-19 Section: A designated section for Coronavirus news.
  • Dark mode(WIP): Dark theme and light theme support

Getting started

  1. Obtain API key from
  2. Navigate to .vscode > launch.json > and input your api key where it says "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"
  3. Navigate to lib > src > config > environment_config.dart > and input your api key where it says "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"
  4. Run app




If you have any questions, you can reach me here: