Flutter widgets you haven't used yet.

Problems that proximity solves

Currently, Flutter has a lot of useful pre-built widgets, no, too many widgets.
Thus, it is not easy to know all widgets and how each widgets work and behave.
Proximity solves this problem. It enables users to touch and feel widgets so that they can learn them effectively.

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Powerful search by Algolia


Widgets that you can touch and feel

  • animated_padding ✨
  • radio_list_tile ✨
  • package_info_plus ✨
  • device_info_plus ✨
  • url_launcher ✨
  • flutter_progress_hud ✨
  • showModalBottomSheet ✨
  • AutocompleteCore ✨
  • AnimatedContainer
  • AnimatedAlign
  • AnimatedPositioned
  • ReorderableListView
  • Slider
  • Expanded
  • Flexible
  • Align
  • FCM(Push notification)
  • FractionallySizedBox
  • IndexedStack
  • Sliver
    • SliverAppBar
    • SliverListAndSliverGridView
  • Algolia(iOS only) - Full-text search
  • SearchDelegate
  • Table
  • SwitchListTile
  • AnimatedSwitcher
  • RotatedBox
  • Scrollbar
  • ExpansionPanel
  • PhysicalModel

For contributors

How to setting firebase project for build and run

  1. Add Firebase to your iOS project and place "GoogleService-Info.plist"


  2. Setup Anonymous Authentication of Firebase Authentication

    1. In the Firebase console, open the Auth section.
    2. On the Sign-in Methods page, enable the Anonymous sign-in method.
  3. Run Proximity project and execute app

Okay, you have already completed for setting to build and run application.

Execute this command in your terminal and execute application in your emulator.

$ open -a simulator
$ flutter run