Full-featured, modern crypto portfolio & market explorer. Built with Flutter.

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πŸ’° Portfolio Overview
🌎 Aggregate Market Explorer
πŸ“Š Detailed Aggregate/Exchange Specific Market Data for every Coin
πŸ“ˆ Portfolio Timeline
πŸ“… Transaction History
⭕️ Portfolio Breakdown
πŸŒ“ Automatic, Light, Dark & Dark OLED Theme Options
⚑ 7.3MB - Fast & Lightweight

πŸ“Ή Full Video


πŸ’° Portfolio

  • Home screen displaying portfolio value, 7D Change, 24h Change, and value and amount of each coin
  • Sort coins by name, holdings, and 24h change percent
  • Add transactions using bottom right button

🌎 Aggregate Markets

  • Swipe to second tab displaying aggregate market stats of every cryptocurrency
  • Search by any coin's symbol or name
  • Sort coins by name, market cap, 24h trade volume and 24h change percent

πŸ“ˆ Portfolio Timeline

  • Navigate to timeline through drawer menu or swipe from breakdown
  • Tap clock to control timeline period from 1 day to all
  • Includes portfolio value high/low, change percent and change amount over period
  • Scroll down to view all transaction history

⭕️ Portfolio Breakdown

  • Navigate to breakdown through drawer menu or swipe from timeline
  • Pie chart breakdown of portfolio
  • Displays total portfolio value, net percent, net amount and total cost
  • Lists each coin as percent of total portfolio

πŸ“Š Detailed Market Data

  • Tap on any coin to view detailed market data
  • Tap clock to control candlestick data period from 1 hour to 1 year
  • Includes price high/low and change percent over period
  • Tap arrows to control candlestick width from 1 minute to 14 days
  • Swipe to view list of all exchanges for specific coin
  • Includes 24h trade volume along with price and 24h change
  • Sort by exchange name, 24h volume, price and 24h change
  • Tap on any exchange to get even more detailed data

β˜€οΈ Light Theme

πŸŒ™ OLED Dark Theme

βš™οΈ Settings

  • Navigate to settings through drawer menu
  • Theme Toggles: automatic, light, dark and dark OLED
  • Abbreviate Numbers switch
  • Export/Import portfolio JSON to/from text
  • Clear Portfolio

Building Source

  • Set your working directory to the root of your git clone
  • Make sure your Android SDK and Flutter are up to date (flutter upgrade)
  • Execute flutter run