Mini Game Manager for games that don’t come on your favorite platforms such as steam or origin. The focus of this app is to create a game manager that works on Windows and enables users to import games from or Patreon and manage them from one software.


Compiling it yourself

There are still a lot of known issues while working with Flutter version 2.10.3. You can download the repo and initialize it using Flutter and attempt running it using the Windows 10/11 SDKs provided by Visual Studio (not VS Code). But I haven’t attempted to run or had anyone to run it on another PC. Knowing how many issues I had it is still buggy. If you can’t solve the issue let me know and I may be able to help.

Whats new

A quick break down of the versions, and what they implement:

Version 1.1.0

  • Adds tags, and search options
  • Breaks down single game view
  • Changes some behavior and features

Known Issues

  • The changes don’t apply after saving
  • Changes don’t apply live on single game view
  • Some overflow in grid view


  • Add more view types, such as list view, and category
  • A better game adding view, instead of picking files one by one
  • Save file linking for quickly opening the saves folder of a game
  • Multiple runners for games which have either tools, a launcher option, or contain x32 and x64 versions
  • Steam integration (much later down the line)
  • integration (much later down the line)


You can support me by watching or subscribing to my GitHub. Downloading this project will forever be FREE!



If you are intersted to participate by creating features, and additions, or know how to implement custom plugins, feel free to contact me. This is an opensource project created on Flutter.


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