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An image cropper that Flutter deserves.

Big difference of this package from other popular ones (such as image_cropper) is that croppy runs completely in Flutter, so there’s no need to launch a separate activity/view when you want to crop an image. Another benefit is that croppy can be completely customized to fit any of your image cropping needs.


  • iOS Photos app-like image cropper
  • Supports any linear transformations on the image: scaling, rotating, skewing, flipping, etc
  • Completely customizable (will create documentation with later releases)

In progress:

  • Material image cropper (something similar to Google Photos)
  • Image editing module (?) (brightness, contrast, etc)
  • Fixed aspect ratios
  • Custom cropping shapes
  • Localization
  • Kickass animations

Getting started

Install croppy from pub:

  croppy: <latest_version>

Enjoy using it 🙂


Currently croppy supports an iOS-like image cropper:

final result = await showCupertinoImageCropper(
  imageProvider: const NetworkImage('MY_IMAGE_URL'), // Or any other image provider
  initialData: CroppableImageData.initial(imageSize: const Size(1080, 1080)),

The image size has to be known before launching the cropper. One way to obtain it is to use obtainImage:

final image = await obtainImage(myProvider);
final size = (image.width, image.height);

In the future this will be a bit more streamlined. Still thinking of a clean way of doing this.

The return value of showCupertinoImageCropper is CropImageResult, which contains the image data encoded with the image package. To convert it to dart:ui‘s Image, you can use await result.asUiImage. Check out the image package to convert the image to any of the supported formats (png, jpg, etc).

For a complete runnable example, see ./example.

Additional information

This package is still WIP, so expect some major updates along the way. Feel free to report bugs/issues on GitHub.

If you have questions, you can contact me directly at [email protected].



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