Hiddify-Next is a user-friendly VPN server solution designed to maximize security with minimal effort. Built on the Sing-box universal proxy tool-chain, it offers a host of features including automatic node selection, TUN mode, and remote profiles. Hiddify-Next is ad-free, open-source, and supports various protocols, providing a secure and private means of accessing the internet.


  • Cross-platform compatibility: Available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Intuitive user interface: Easy to navigate and use.
  • Delay-based node selection: Ensures optimal performance.
  • Wide range of protocols: Supports Vless, Vmess, Reality, TUIC, Hysteria, SSH, and more.
  • Subscription link and configuration formats: Works with Sing-box, V2ray, Clash, Clash meta, and others.
  • Automatic subscription update: Ensures the latest configurations are always available.
  • Display of profile information: Including remaining days and traffic usage.
  • Open-source and community-driven: Provides transparency, security, and ongoing support.
  • Dark and light modes: Customizable interface for different preferences.
  • Compatible with all proxy management panels.
  • Appropriate configurations for countries with internet restrictions like Iran, China, and Russia.

Overall, Hiddify-Next offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for individuals looking to set up their own VPN server for enhanced security and privacy online.