Analyzer plugin proxy generator

A CLI tool to generate a proxy for multiple analyzer plugins.


As mentioned on this github issue only 1 plugin can be enabled per analysis_options.yaml file.

This approach is more like a workaround for this problem until the dart team provides official support for this.

How to run

  1. Install analyzer_plugin_proxy_generator as a development dependency.

  analyzer_plugin_proxy_generator: any
  1. Run dart run analyzer_plugin_proxy_generator [--override] from the root of the project

    1. --override will override the existing packages/analyzer_plugin_proxy.
    2. A new package named analyzer_plugin_proxy will be created under packages folder.
  2. If the command runs successfully it will update your pubspec.yaml and you will be prompted with a few more steps to follow.


As this is mostly created for personally usage I’ve kept it very simple. If you want to enhance this tool or improve it, PRs or issues are welcomed.


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