The social media application that allows user to check out new feed, like, comment and even check other user’s profile. It has search, follow, and unfollow user features with other functionality. Use of Firebase to store and fetch realtime data in the application.

**Screens Added- **

  1. Login Screen & Signup screen using Firebase & Bloc.
  2. Home Screen
  3. Account Screen
  4. Search Bar Screen
  5. Feed Screen
  6. Profile Screen
  7. Upload Images Screen

Features Added

  1. Firebase used for authentication.
  2. Loading screen while getting data.
  3. Feeds Screen with new post.
  4. Like & Unlike Post
  5. Follow & Unfollow User
  6. Upload new post with status
  7. See comments
  8. Comment on any post
  9. Search user by their username
  10. Check user profile with photos


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