A Fully functional social media app written in flutter and dart using node.js and Postgres SQL as backend.
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  • custom photo feed based on following users’.
  • Users can post an image of any height.
  • awesome animation between navigation of two pages.
  • shimmer loading effect while data is syncing.
  • Search page
    • With trending posts grid view.
  • Profile page
    • follows/unfollow the user
    • edit profile.
    • change user’s avatar image
    • generate user profile links and send that to the various platforms. (with firebase dynamic links)
  • Notification Page
    • shows all comments and follows user notifications.
    • delete the notification by right swipe.
  • Post
    • like the post.
    • comment on posts and see all comments.
    • delete comments. (only post owner and commenter can)
    • shows the list of who liked the post.
    • share post links to the various platforms.
    • copy URL.
    • open post image in the browser.
    • user can delete their own post.
  • create post.
    • crop image
    • upload from the gallery.
    • Users can add captions to post.

Image Gallery

feed screen

Gallery Image
Gallery Image
Gallery Image

Search page

Gallery Image
Gallery Image
Gallery Image

Activity page

Gallery Image
Gallery Image
Gallery Image

Profile page

Gallery Image
Gallery Image
Gallery Image


How to run?

To clone and run this application, you’ll need Git and Flutter installed on your computer. From your command line:

Clone this repository

$ git clone

Go into the repository

$ cd Flutter-Photoarc-app

Install dependencies

$ flutter packages get

Run the app

$ flutter run

What’s Next?

This features will be added in next version of the app.

  • add muliple images in post.
  • add reply to and like to comments.
  • add status feature.


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