Bennett Hub App

A social networking platform called Bennett Hub was created especially for the university’s students. Many people, including their batchmates, students from various courses, their seniors, their juniors, and essentially everyone who is a part of the university, would find this application to be a blessing in their quest to widen their social circle and meet new acquaintances.

In Bennett Hub we have made the life of students easy by categorizing the students according to their interest so that they can see who shares same interests with them and knowing this would help in starting the conversation at first. we have also provided support for the people who shares same interest where an algorithm will generate a conversation starter message by pressing the “let’s start a chat!” button.

App Design

App Screens

Being New Being Open Being Social
HomePage HomePage HomePage
About Us Detail Screen Menu
Splash Screen SignIn SignUp

and many more..

Tech Stack Used

Dart Programming Language, Flutter, and Firebase


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