Apple Stocks App Clone (Only UI)

This application is a clone of Apple’s Stocks application, written in Flutter. The application contains static data and does not have remote API integration. The purpose of the application is solely to create a fluid native Apple-like experience and provide education to viewers throughout this process.

📸 ScreenShots

Real Apple Stocks App Clone Apple Stocks App
General View

Snap According to Search Text

Persistent DraggableBottom Sheet And extend Marquee

Click any element on list and open detail sheet

App Animations

  • Searchbar scroll and sliver.
  • There are 2 DraggableScrollableSheet. One is persistent, other is depends on clicking any market on the list.
  • After expanding DraggableScrollableSheet, Stock market prices marquee will be shown on AppBar.
  • BottomNavigationBar has yahoo!finance logo as Apple does.
  • Also BottomNavigationBar is persistent.

Development Information

  • Currently, This app’ purpose is to educate viewers. So some unnecessary design details and Easily achievable UI patterns have been overlooked in app.

  • If you have any question about this app, feel free to get in touch

  • This app uses these AWESOME dependencies;


  • This app is distributed under the MIT License.
  • See the LICENSE file for details.

Connect with Me

  • You can connect with me, If you have any specific inquiries or require further information.


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