Warehouse Management ?

An application to manage the inventory in multiple warehouses of a business. The products will be stored in groups and user can create any number of groups. In a particular group any number of products can be added along with the whole information of the product.

Suppose there is big business of toys. A lot of wholesale and retail Sales takes place in a day and the business has multiple warehouses and each warehouse has multiple Floors in it.


The business would require an App (can be used by multiple people at a time) that would:

  • Help to keep track of all the stocks in all the warehouses of all products.
  • Help to quicky locate where the stock of a specific product lies in the warehouses.
  • Help to get the price of a specific product (helps in a situation when a customer wants to know the price of the product from manager/salesperson)
  • Help to get all available variety of a particular product (For ex: If salesperson want all available types of a “bat” he might get result: [“Plastic bat small”, “Leather bat”, etc])

User Experience




  • Setup Flutter environment
  • Setup Firebase App & download google-services.json file to android/app


  • Clone the repository & Change directory

git clone https://github.com/HeveshL/warehouse_management.git
cd warehouse_management
  • Flutter pub get & run

flutter pub get
flutter run


User Interface (Adobe XD) : Download


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.



Contributions are always welcome! Your feedback will help me grow as a developer and help me build better and more usable apps.


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